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Digital Workshops have a proven track record for attention to detail and reliability.  We don't claim to have all the answers off bat, but we will investigate and provide a solution.  Below are illustrations of the type of work we perform on a regular basis.  Please contact us by email or ring us on (01323) 525 915 if we can help you.

Actuated Solutions


Actuated Solutions are a major supplier of automated valves who work extensively with South Korean partners.  Digital Workshops became involved with them in partnership with a Bognar Regis company who were supplying the network cabling for the company and approached us to supply a server for Actruated.


We worked with Actuated to reconcile the documents held on several machines and a NAS device in order to set up a central document store.   Using Microsoft Exchange, we were able to create a email solution so that customer emails can be seen by all users.


The directors often travel, especially to South Korea and within Europe.  Their smart 'phones are integrated with their Exchange server mailboxes and diaries, allowing them to continue to take an active part in the company, even when out of the office.  Remote access links via VPN's are also available to access and work with documents stored on the server.


We continue to support the server for Actuated by remote access - we monitor it for problems and keep the operating system and application software that runs on it up-to-date.

Eastbourne Lettings

Eastbourne Lettings are Eastbourne's premier lettings agent. Digital Workshops set up their original office, installing the networking cables and  an Elmeg T484 ISDN telephone system.  Computing requirements were met with a server based network, which is used for their specialist letting and maintenance database software, as well as sharing general office documents.  An important aspect of their business are the photographs  they use to keep a record of the properties they manage and the documentation they receive from landlords, tenants and tradesmen.  These documents are digitised with high speed document scanners and saved on the server, so they are accessible to everyone.

Another vital aspect of the companies operations is common access to both received and sent emails.  This was achieved using Microsoft Exchange Server using a common mailbox in addition to personal mailboxes.  This allows everybody to have access to both company emails and a common diary.

When the company moved to their current offices, Digital Workshops project managed the telephone line and broadband installation, installed the cabling at the new office and moved all of the telephone and computer equipment, minimising down time.

Remote communications for agents working away from the office is vital.  Mobile email is dealt with using direct links to the companies Exchange server, originally using Blackberry smart 'phones but now using Apple iPhones and iPads.  As well as access to email, agents can maintain the appointments diary in real time.

We have also set up remote access to the lettings database, allowing the directors to work at home or when away, even when abroad.

Eastbourne and District Mencap


When Digital Workshops first started working with Eastbourne Mencap, they had one computer in an office above their retail outlet.  Since these heady days, the importance of the computer systems to the organisation has grown out of all recognition.  We have been able to advise, supply and install an Intranet based network for the organisation, linking all the sites with site-to-site VPNs, based around servers at their three residential homes and a central server in their head quarters building.  The data is stored in a distributed filing system, so that individuals can access private and public data no matter which of the organisations sites they are working in.  In addition, we have set up dial in VPN links for staff who work at home, especially so they can access their mailboxes on the organisations Microsoft Exchange server.   Staff can also access their mailboxes from any Internet browser on any machine, using Outlook Web Access.


When the organisation moved to their new head quarters building, Digital Workshops project managed the telephone and Internet installation and installed the cables for telephone and computers in the building.  We have also taken over the management of all the telephone lines,  Internet connections and telephone systems  for the organisation, striving to keep their telecommunications costs as low as possible.  We have recently replaced the telephone system at the head quarters building with a VoIP enabled system, with the long term aim of using SIP trunks and reducing the overall number of telephone lines in the organisation.  The first stage of this evolution is using IP telephones at the organisations new drop in centre, linked to the telephone system in the head quarters building, so these telephones are extensions off the main system


Digital Workshops offer preferential charging rates to Eastbourne Mencap and strive to provide the organisation with equipment at the lowest cost possible, including reconditioning donated machines, locating equipment from factory outlet sites and supplying software via the charity donation scheme supported by companies such as Microsoft and Symantec.


Eastbourne Mencap also have a computer suite for their day activities centre based at their head quarters building,  funded with a lottery grant.  We now maintain this suite, taking great care that the machines cannot access unsavoury material from the Internet and creating polices so that the machines appear as expected to users, despite what a previous user has changed.

Filton Brewery Products

Originally based in Eastbourne, Filton have now moved out to larger premises in Hailsham.  Filton sell and hire equipment to the brewery and associated trade and have an active web presence.

We originally worked with Filton when they were based in Eastbourne and maintained there computer network.  When the company moved to Hailsham, we installed all the cabling for them, to provide a structured cabling solution, and then move their computer and telephone equipment from Eastbourne to Hailsham.

We renewed their elderly single disk server, replacing it with a server based on a RAID 5 disk array and introducing Microsoft Exchange Server to provide a stable and secure email system.  This is vital as their business has moved from being mainly telephone based to a Internet model.   

We currently monitor their server and provide upgrade services for them, as well as backing up their data so they have an off site back up and providing telephone and remote dial-in support for more specialist problems.

Gallery Furniture Systems Ltd

Gallery Furniture Systems are a major manufacturer of fitted kitchen and bedroom furniture for the trade.  Gallery Furniture were originally in a split site, with the administration offices in one building and the factory and assembly workshops in  a second building.

Following the supply and installation of a server by Digital Workshops to run their order and production planning software, share documents and provide a centralised, secure email system by using Microsoft Exchange, there was a need to link the two sites, so that the CNC equipment in the factory could be sent work schedules and optimised cutting instructions.  This was achieved using a secure VPN via the Internet between the buildings.

Gallery then made major investments in CNC equipment.  As part of this program, they were able to amalgamate the administration and manufacturing buildings.  Digital Workshops planned and install a structured cable installation for both the factory and new administration buildings, then moved all the equipment from the original buildings to new building.

At the same time, Digital Workshops upgraded the telephone system to a Elmeg T484, project managing the conversion of the original poor quality analogue telephone lines to ISDN2e to ensure the voice quality of calls.  Reflecting the increasing importance of the computer systems to the company with regard to order processing and production planning, the original server was retired and replaced with a pair of mirrored servers, each running a RAID 5 disk array.

The Exchange server has also grown in importance, becoming a vital store for customer information using customised forms, accessible to all users.

We continue to support Galleries computer and telephone systems as well as the computing aspects of their CNC equipment, mostly by telephone and remote support.  We monitor their servers, applying updates to the operating system and application software when required.  We also take a off site back up of their data, including their sales and production databases. 



Limelight are a London based company who, amongst other activities, design,  build and install exhibition stands, as well as breaking them down, removing them and storing them at their site in Essex.  They are very active in the film and television market within Europe, supplying stands for exhibitions such as the Cannes film festival.


Digital Workshops first became involved with Limelight when we were asked to supply an ISDN telephone switch for them, when they had a small design studio and production facility in East London.  This led to us installing a structured cable solution and installing a server, with empathises on  off line files so that the staff could work on designs out of the office, which would be transferred automatically to the server for safe keeping when they returned to the office.


Limelight eventually moved from the East London site, splitting the design offices and production workshops to a site in North-East London and Essex.  We designed and installed the structured cable for both sites, then moved the original telephone system to the design office and installed a new system in Essex.  We also moved the computer equipment and installed a second server at the Essex site.


One 'feature' of the Essex site is the appalling broadband speeds - this was a real problem as large files had to be transferred  between the design office and production facility on a regular basis.  To overcome the problem, Digital Workshops identified a bonded ADSL supplier and organised the installation, then set up a site-to-site VPN link between the sites.


Limelight use a Exchange server at the London office and we use a mirror system in Essex to make access to the mailboxes in Essex as quick as possible and avoid repeated transfer of large files over the site-to-site VPN.


Limelight expended recently by acquiring a graphics design and production company which they moved to their Essex site.  As part of this process we expanded the structured cabling into the new graphics facility and integrated the companies files, emails and hardware into the Limelight structure.


Limelight have staff working in France and the directors both travel extensively and work away from the office.  There communications are very email orientated and it is vital that that their smart 'phones are integrated with their Exchange server mailboxes and they can work seamlessly whenever they are, be it abroad, at either site in the UK or working at home. This is achieved using dial-in VPN links with a fall back to using Outlook Web Access on the odd occasions when VPN access is blocked.  We are able to help them with any problems where ever they are using remote support.

Motorline Engineering


As well as servicing and maintaining modern motor vehicles,  Motorline specialise in classic car servicing, classic and vintage car restoration and offer vehicle storage.  It is a real pleasure to visit them to see what exotica they are currently working on.


Digital Workshops were instrumental in upgrading their computer systems by introducing a server based network to provide common access to their specialist vehicle  maintenance database and standard office documents.  When the lease on their telephone system expired we were able to step in and replace the switch with reconditioned equipment at a considerable cost saving.


Motorline then moved offices - Digital Workshops installed external cabling to bring the telephone lines to the new office from the workshop and to provide a network link between the office and workshops.  Wireless coverage for the site was improved using omni-directional and directional aerials.  Links to the directors home office were introduced, as well as work carried out at the directors home to allow him to access a wireless network anywhere in his historic cottage and home office.  Links to the companies Exchange server were created from smart 'phones, so that the bookings diary could be updated in real time when out of the office.


Digital Workshops also supplied and installed an IP camera for the site so that the site can be viewed remotely via an Internet connection from a Internet browser or smart 'phone 'app'.

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